Rand donated
Turtle hatchlings
Rehab days sponsored (R30/day)

Our Mission

We make a difference by:

  • Raising funds for ocean conservation – specifically for turtle rescue and rehabilitation
  • Raising awareness for plastic bag pollution
  • Providing additional income opportunity for low-income earners


We donate R60 from each sold Plantangle to the turtle conservation program of Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation,.

Read more here:

Thank you from the Two Oceans Aquarium

Yoshi: Farewell to a Legend

Sandy: It’s a girl !

Bob: Roller coaster rehabilitation

Turtle releases


A Plantangle is a unique, handcrafted bangle made from geo-tagged ocean, beach, mountain trail or road side plastic.

Every Plantangle represents one less plastic bag washing into our ocean, polluting our city streets or blowing across our planet.

Every R60 we donate to the Two Oceans Aquarium, funds 2 days of turtle rehabilitation.

Help a turtle …  buy a Plantangle

About Us

Plantastic is a non-profit organization (2018/344679/08). We make turtle funding jewelry from ocean, beach, mountain trail or road side plastic.

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