The Plantastic Story

We started Plantastic in November 2015. Over the past three years Plantastic has evolved from an informal social entrepreneurship into a non-profit company (Plantastic SA NPC 2018/344679/08) focused on ocean conservation. Currently we are working with Boni from Zimbabwe.


A South Africa where single use plastic bags are banned

We imagine a South Africa where plastic bags no longer litter our mountain trails, wash down our rivers, blow along our beaches and float into the Atlantic or Indian oceans. We dream of a South Africa where single use plastic bags are banned; and where those that are already in our environment are actively retrieved and up cycled into beautiful or useful items – in stead of being sent to landfill.

Our Mission

We aim to:
  • raise awareness for plastic bag pollution;
  • provide funding for ocean conservation (specifically turtle rehabilitation); and
  • provide opportunity for low-income earners to generate additional income.

Our Principles

We believe in
  • ​PURPOSE BEFORE PROFIT: we care about people, making a difference and keeping plastic out of our oceans
  • EACH ONE TEACH ONE: we encourage sharing of ideas and active skills transfer
  • CREATIVE MAGIC: we are passionate abut unlocking creative potential in everything we do

The Team


I was born in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe and have four children: 2 girls and 2 boys. I now live in Dunoon and work as a child minder and domestic. I am friendly, love kids, like to share jokes and ideas with other people. I have been crocheting since I was a child - my mom taught me to crochet. I am a super fast and neat crochet 'machine' and have been crocheting with Plantastic since 2015. I make the chords from the plastic bags which form the basis of the plantangles.

Marika & MG (short for Margarethe)

We were born in Namibia and, like Boni, our mom also taught us how to crochet when we were young. We co-founded Plantastic and are now directors of Plantastic SA NPC. We share a variety of roles, however we each focus on a few key aspects of running Plantastic SA. MG focuses on product development, plantangle production and quality assurance while Marika focuses on finance, website and social media. We share sales and marketing ... and everything else that needs doing.