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Name: VnASilo1Cerise
Story: I got it! Saw this bag as I left Allan Gray’s Silo 1 parking yesterday and specifically went looking for it today – and couldn’t find it at 1st. It had slipped under the fence and got caught under a pallet one the dockside pavement even closer to drifting into the ocean – now literally only 2-3 meters away! I stamped my foot muttering ‘Should’ve stopped ystd – now it’s going to kill a turtle’ … left it lying there reluctantly – headed off to tag a replacement bag, also pink, but not ‘the one’ and heard back towards day job – when I saw somebody walking along the dockside – his face, when he saw me calling out from behind the fence – his disbelief when I politely explained I’d like to hav ‘that plastic bag under the pallet’ he shook his head – mutterung jojojo … but it’s dirty? Threading it thru the fence gap I tried to briefly make sense to him – he’d given up on me – turned back to what he was busy going on the boat I had called him away from and didn’t see my dance if delight – pink plastic parumpahpahpump bag held high!


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